• In "average" conditions, you should expect protection for 9 to 12 months from oils and 12 to 18 months from stains. In severe conditions, such pool decks, recoating is likely to be necessary at shorter intervals.


Best deck builders look for missing nails, nail depth, decking wood decay, joist condition, ledger anchors, rotten foundation, loose handrails, sealer and stain appearance.


key to preserve the beauty of any outdoor timber and lumber structure is periodic maintenance.

Regular ongoing maintenance is essential to protect Decking and the structural timber from the damaging effects of weathering and to maintain an attractive appearance.

Weathering of unprotected timber will result in color change, a loosening of the timber fibres and a gradual wearing away of the surface, from the combined effect of exposure to water from rainfall and ultra-violet (UV) radiation in sunlight.

Best deck builders yearly maintenance encompasses, thorough deck clean up using mechanic or chemical processes depending on the condition of the deck.

Best Deck builders Inspection of structural elements and replacing of any damaged deck .

Refinishing of the deck surface and structural elements to assure another year of new like looking deck.  

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