For the wildest environments, Best Deck Builders Miami constructs boardwalks above wetlands, around sandy beaches, over lakes, we have multiple

High level decks

  • Drainage is of important consideration on low level decks. Best drainage keeps the ground firm to support the deck and avoid dampness that cause decay around posts

  • High level decks need more detailed design and safety considerations

  • Safety handrail, stairs and ramps are considered on the design of multi level decks 


Low level wood decks in miami


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Multi level decks

Very common also are the high level decks, used around above ground pools, on a balcony, a roof top, a terrace above a lake and more. High level decks are more complicated structures that required carefully design. Best Deck builders provides detail drawing of your would be deck and assist you on with the request of any required building permit.


Most common type of deck is the low level deck, may be attached or detached as an extension of your home.
Low level decks are simple supported on concrete piers or small posts. low level decks serve to hide an old concrete patio or an uneven yard. The applications are endless, your imagination is the limit.
Outstanding beauty an elegance can be achieved using multi level decks, Best Deck Builders engineer your dream to make it reality.